Civil Litigation

Civil litigation process must start with filing a lawsuit in a court that has subject matter jurisdiction to hear your specific type of case. An example would include probate court or family law courts. Once the case is filed, the civil litigation process requires the other party to be served and given time and the opportunity to respond to the allegations.

The role and responsibilities of a civil litigation attorney can be challenging and diverse. It is an adversarial process with two or more parties pitted against each other. The attorney is his client’s advocate, obligated to fight for him to achieve the best possible outcome on the client’s behalf.

Broadly you can take advise on any civil litigation matters. Some of them are mentioned here forth. Please post your query in the query  form given below

  • file or defend property matters
  • matrimonial and family matters
  • Recovery matters
  • Employment matters
  • Any other matters falling under civil law

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