Criminal Litigation

Criminal Litigation is the process of going to trial in a criminal court to either prosecute or defend oneself in a criminal matter.

It is our goal in every case to provide effective and innovative representation to persons charged with criminal offences. Every case is vigorously and tenaciously pursued in the client’s best interest.

  • Crime Against A Person (Like Assault Or Murder)
  • A Crime Against Property (Like Shoplifting Or Theft)
  • Any Other Criminal Offense
  • Filing An Anticipatory Bail
  • Filing A Regular Bail
  • An Appeal After Conviction
  • Quashing Of Fir
  • Criminal Complaints
  • Domestic Violence
  • Bank/Financial Institutions Fraud And Forgery
  • Misappropriation Of Funds
  • Embezzlement
  • Suspension Of Sentence

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